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We spend a lot of time generating buzz and reviews for our clients. But sometimes it’s fun to hear what they have to say about us, especially when it’s awesome. And since, chances are, you’re here to see if you’d like to work with us, we thought you might also like to know what people say when they talk about ANPR.

"…indispensable in getting our stories traction"

“The team at Alissa Neil PR has been indispensable in getting our stories traction and into the hands of the right people to maximize impact, securing interviews and press pickup in both large markets and local media. As one of their smaller non-profit clients, we’re especially thrilled at the level of care and attention they give to each of our projects and their tenacity in following up on any leads — even months down the road!”

The Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute

"…their ability to juggle so many projects with precision and creativity"

“I’ve worked with ANPR at both Slate and Panoply and, in both cases, have always been impressed by their ability to juggle so many projects with precision and creativity. We hired them to spearhead PR efforts at Panoply because we knew they’d be deft and skillful at drawing on our association with Slate and leveraging the organization’s brand recognition while ensuring that we’d be seen as a completely separate entity with goals distinct from the mothership.”

Brendan Monaghan
CEO Panoply

"Whip-smart, creative, and tenacious… they didn’t just learn about our brand. They lived and breathed it every day…"

“It has been a pleasure to work with Alissa Neil and her team at ANPR. Whip-smart, creative, and tenacious, ANPR combines a deep understanding of the media landscape with an ability to connect with reporters, editors, and other influencers in smart, thoughtful ways. But what sets them apart is their collaborative approach and total commitment to their client’s success. They didn’t just learn about our brand. They lived and breathed it every day – and in doing so, helped us shape and tell our story in compelling fashion. Because of ANPR, we were able to raise our media profile and establish key industry contacts.”

Amy Poftak
Assistant Director of Communications Harvard Business Review

"…rare professionals who are three steps ahead of their clients’ needs."

In a world of reactive PR, Alissa and Jocelyn are the rare professionals who are three steps ahead of their clients’ needs. They’re creative and collaborative and super-connected, but what really impresses me is how much they anticipate what the opportunities will be for my business. And then they go develop them, leaving no stone unturned. I’ve never had any doubt about their passion for our product, and I quickly learned that they were working just as hard as I was to see it succeed.

Jonathan Dorn
former Editor-in-Chief Backpacker

"easily the best public relations team we’ve had"

I’ve worked closely with Alissa and her team for three years now, and it’s easily the best public relations team we’ve had at The Week or in any of my previous publications. Alissa understands our brand and our mission, and has tailored her publicity work with us toward The Week’s goals, not to some generic agenda. She’s responsive and strategic, and personable as well. I always enjoy working with her.

Bill Falk
Editor-in-Chief THE WEEK

"valuable partner to The Slate Group"

ANPR is a valuable partner to The Slate Group. Their team inherently understands our brand and echoes it in a manner and style consistent with our editorial ethos.

Jacob Weisberg
Chairman The Slate Group

"their creativity and drive are unparalleled."

ANPR took the time to understand our brand and mission. And their creativity and drive are unparalleled. It’s like having your own in-house PR team.

Steven Kotok
former President THE WEEK

"They really understand us…"

Alissa Neil PR has been great to GOOD. They really understand us and deliver results.

Max Schorr
Co-Founder GOOD

"A PR powerhouse"

Alissa Neil has been a PR powerhouse for She and her team not only delivered impressive online, print, and broadcast results on a weekly basis, but helped launch our brand in the social media space. Her rolodex of key influencers is just as impressive as her creative ideas and amazing strategic counsel. She’s one of the best.

Leslie Van Every
former Corporate Communications CBS Interactive

"…smart, strategic, and proactive"

We always nave numerous projects in-action at Slate and Alissa Neil PR manages to work closely and effectively with all departments, from our editorial staff to our advertising sales team and events staff. Over our two year relationship with ANPR, we have seen a continuous increase in attention around Slate. Not only are their ideas smart, strategic, and proactive, they are also executed in a manner and style that echoes our brand. It’s a great partnership.

John Alderman
former General Manager and Publisher The Slate Group and Slate

"…they know that smart public relations means thinking beyond the press release."

I’ve worked with Alissa Neil for two decades, and I’m always impressed with how she and her team find creative, effective ways to generate buzz. They take the time to really understand their clients, and they know that smart public relations means thinking well beyond the press release.

Jim Ledbetter
former Editor

"…they know exactly who to pitch"

Alissa and Jocelyn are excellent at helping me get the word out about my biggest stories and projects. They know exactly who to pitch and they innately understand Slate’s brand and the way we want to be perceived. Their guidance has been priceless, and their can-do attitude is always a delight.

Jessica Grose
former Associate Editor Slate

"…super smart and fun."

If you are lucky enough to have Alissa or Jocelyn for company in the green room, you will feel calm and confident on screen–a real boon. They will also be absolutely determined about getting you there. They’re also super smart and fun. I’m so grateful to be working with them.

Emily Bazelon
former Senior Editor Slate

"…a spectacular job…"

Alissa and her team did a spectacular job with CHOW. She created a well-thought-out, multi-layered strategy and executed it brilliantly. The results were better than I could ever have imagined.

Jane Goldman
Founder & former Editor-in-Chief

"…the best PR person I’ve ever known."

I’ve spent many years on both sides of the PR fence – as a reporter, and as an editor/executive at high-profile publications – and Alissa Neil is the best PR person I’ve ever known. She is very knowledgeable, creative, well-connected, and really knows how the media works. She’s also very diligent and committed, and a pleasure to work with even in the most high-pressure situations.

Jonathan Weber
Founder New West Network

"…get the results you asked for."

If you want a firm who is going to pay attention to your company’s project, get the results you asked for and one who is truly responsive, then work with Alissa Neil PR. They achieved all of our PR objectives.

Madelyn Hammond
former Associate Publisher & VP of Strategic Marketing Variety

"…a tremendous resource and ally…"

Alissa and her team are much more than just our ‘outside PR’ group. They are very much part of our day-to-day team, and they’re a tremendous resource and ally in reaching out to, and connecting with, major mainstream and trade media. It’s a great relationship.

Chris Brienza
former Executive Director of Publicity The Rodale Sports Group

"…a sharp sensibility for what makes the news media bite."

Our magazine has received more publicity and buzz during the two years we have worked with Alissa than ever before. She has a sharp sensibility for what makes the news media bite. Alissa knows Bicycling magazine and BikeTown like the back of her hand, and looks for every opportunity to get it talked about in the media.

Steve Madden
former Editor-in-Chief Bicycling