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Alissa Did Not Approve This Message

Posted by jocelyn on October 16th, 2014


It’s National Boss’s Day, and we employees at Alissa Neil PR wanted to give props to the most boss of all bosses, Alissa Neil herself. Here are just some of the reasons we absolutely love working for this pint-sized PR powerhouse:

Work is legitimately fun, when working with Alissa Neil. (The woman can make a conference call a good time. We repeat: SHE CAN MAKE A CONFERENCE CALL A GOOD TIME.)
–Her thoughtfulness is on a whole other level. Having a boss who truly cares about you is unexpected, and totally amazing. From throwing us sweet surprise parties to giving us extra days off when we’re going through something stressful, she’s truly a deeply kind and giving person who shows time and again that she wants the best for her employees.
–Her unstoppable energy and zany spirit can’t be matched. You know how normally, employees kind of like it when the boss goes out of town? It’s the opposite at ANPR. She changes the whole energy of the workplace, and excites everyone around her. She brings the good vibes, wherever she goes.
–She’s FOR her team. Sometimes in the workplace, competition occurs. But this would never happen on Alissa’s watch. We know she has our backs, always. She is absolutely for her team, and she goes into what we call “mama-lion mode” to protect her employees when need be.
–She’s incredibly good at her job. When Alissa’s in charge, you can take a deep breath. Plus, she’s excellent at diffusing stress, and reminding us of what’s important, when the small things seem insurmountable.

There are many, many more reasons we could list, but we have to get back to work! Alissa, we adore you, and adore working for you. Thanks for being the best-ever boss.

3 is the Magic Number

Posted by alissa on October 13th, 2014


We’d like to celebrate three new clients who have recently come on board.

1. ANPR went back to school with Harvard Business Review in September, so get ready for more news about business strategy, management and workflow in the coming months. We’ll be sharing stories that we think are useful, so take a break from work and click on our links. You’re not goofing off – you’re helping yourself become a better manager.

2. On the DC front, ANPR is defining its core mission with our latest, greatest DC client: Fuse Pilates. In a couple of months, we might even publish pictures of us doing a pike during one of Fuse’s Chair classes (like this – but that’s not us!). We can see why Fuse is addicting and we now understand why DC was recently named the fittest city in the country.

3. We’re also thrilled to be working with The Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund, one of the first non-profit journalism incubators, which paved the way for more recent entrants (@ProPublica @MarshalProj). To give you an idea of the importance and value of the stories published as a result of Investigative Fund partnerships, check out “Bias in the Box,” a sprawling investigation into black juror exclusion in capital trials by Dax-Devlon Ross. On the heels of the events in Ferguson this past summer, it’s a must-read.