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These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things!

Posted by alissa on December 5th, 2017

Here at ANPR, we’re always sharing recommendations of articles, podcasts, TV, music, and more with each other. Now, we bring those recommendations to you: Here are a few of our favorite things right now.

Jocelyn: I think most of us would agree that this year was STRESSFUL (CAPS necessary). So while I patiently wait for the dumpster fire that was 2017 to extinguish itself, I’ve been reading “Declutter Your Mind—How to stop worrying, relieve anxiety, and eliminate negative thinking,” by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport. I appreciate the useful, tactical advice for taking a more positive attitude. Being down never helped advance any cause, so here’s to bringing better vibes to 2018.

Anu: I recently listened to this episode of the podcast Reply All, titled “Is Facebook Spying on you?” In it, an expert tries (rather unsuccessfully) to explain away the growing suspicion that Facebook is listening to your conversations through your phone to serve you specific ads. My friend has been trying to convince me that Facebook does this this for 6 months, and I think this put her case over the edge!

Alissa: Since, like everyone else, I’ve been steeped in the thick of what has been so much miserable news, I find myself in need of outlets to escape. Lately, I’ve been perusing design blogs and while I’ve always appreciated textiles, I’ve found one designer who I’ve become utterly obsessed with: Seema Krish! I was drawn into this textile designer because of the block print and embroidery technique as well as her colors. But the icing on the cake is that she supports women weavers and workers in India. And I love the studio’s mission: “We design fabrics that are simple and beautiful, with the mission to enhance the lives of both the users and makers of our products.” Can’t wait to have my home adorned with Seema’s beautiful textiles.

Katie: When you think of Willow Smith, you probably think “Whip My Hair.” So I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover that the now-17-year-old’s new album, The 1st, is much more reminiscent of Lorde and Florence and the Machine than the fun but slightly grating 2010 bop. I’ve been greatly enjoying Willow’s unique voice, interesting melodies, and profound-diary-of-a-teen-girl lyrics (they were called juvenile by the Rolling Stone, to which I say, why is that bad?). Standout songs include Israel, Lonely Road, And Consideration, and Warm Honey.

Stephanie: I’ve been enjoying Search Party on TBS. It pokes smart fun at “millennial” narcissism, and now, in Season 2, it’s also a psychological thriller. Imagine Crime & Punishment or The Tell-Tale Heart, staged among rich kids in Brooklyn. And with a female protagonist, which is cool.