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The flu is really, really bad this year — but GoodRx can at least save your wallet

Posted by alissa on February 8th, 2018

You probably know that 2018 has seen the worst flu epidemic in a decade, whether you’re just keeping up with the news, or had to take some extra sick days this winter. But just how much worse off are we, compared to previous years?

A strong indicator of the severity of the flu is the volume of prescriptions for Tamiflu, the drug used to treat the virus. And this year, Tamiflu fills are “ soaring – outpacing last year’s prescriptions by a factor of 10 or even 20 times higher this year in some states, with a nationwide rate that is more than 6 times higher than last year.”

This data comes from our client GoodRx, which helps people save on their prescription drugs, and researches trends in drug prices across the United States. This year, as the flu worsened nationwide, our friends at GoodRx put together a helpful diagram that shows just how bad things are, in certain states in particular:

According to a GoodRx analysis of a nationally representative sample of US prescriptions, pharmacy fills for Tamiflu, the most popular medication to treat the flu, are increasing, with some notable geographic variations. In Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, and Arkansas, prescriptions are up over 20-fold from last year, and other parts of the south and midwest are likewise seeing an exceptionally high prescription volume.

Whether you’re in one of the states that’s experiencing a particularly high uptick in flu cases, or anywhere else, you can use GoodRx to find out which pharmacies are offering the lowest prices on Tamiflu. (Few people know that the same drug could cost vastly different prices, just across the street!)

Just head to the GoodRx page for Tamiflu, plug in your zip code, and see where you’ll save the most: For example, in New York City, the cash price of Tamiflu (without insurance) will set you back an estimated $108 at Walgreens, but with a free coupon from GoodRx you’ll be on the road to wellness for just $58.46. At Rite Aid, the estimated cash price is up to $150, but a free coupon will get you Tamiflu for $63.40.

If you or a family member comes down with the flu this year, you deserve to treat it without overspending, and GoodRx can help!


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