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3 is the Magic Number

Posted by alissa on October 13th, 2014


We’d like to celebrate three new clients who have recently come on board.

1. ANPR went back to school with Harvard Business Review in September, so get ready for more news about business strategy, management and workflow in the coming months. We’ll be sharing stories that we think are useful, so take a break from work and click on our links. You’re not goofing off – you’re helping yourself become a better manager.

2. On the DC front, ANPR is defining its core mission with our latest, greatest DC client: Fuse Pilates. In a couple of months, we might even publish pictures of us doing a pike during one of Fuse’s Chair classes (like this – but that’s not us!). We can see why Fuse is addicting and we now understand why DC was recently named the fittest city in the country.

3. We’re also thrilled to be working with The Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund, one of the first non-profit journalism incubators, which paved the way for more recent entrants (@ProPublica @MarshalProj). To give you an idea of the importance and value of the stories published as a result of Investigative Fund partnerships, check out “Bias in the Box,” a sprawling investigation into black juror exclusion in capital trials by Dax-Devlon Ross. On the heels of the events in Ferguson this past summer, it’s a must-read.

Monumental Move

Posted by alissa on June 10th, 2014

ANPR on the move

We the People of ANPR… hold these truths to be self evident…

That every PR firm needs an office in our nation’s capital!

ANPR is happy to celebrate its 11th anniversary with the opening of an office in Washington, DC, where Alissa will be doing business starting this summer. With Stephanie, who earlier this year was promoted to PR Manager and Social Media Director, holding down the fort at ANPR headquarters in New York City and Jocelyn continuing to work her PR magic from the heart of Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, ANPR will now have a pulse on the nation’s news and media climate from three (3!) crucial geographic  perspectives and two time-zones, with the potential for loads of new contacts and press opportunities for our clients… but who’s counting?

We’re thrilled that our DC presence puts us in close proximity with policy-makers, NGOs, and tons of super-smart startups. Best of all, we’ve already snagged our first DC-based client, Green Tomato Cars. Green Tomato is an eco-friendly car service that will take you to and from the airport (and just about any other destination in the DC metro area) in a hybrid or electric vehicle – and at reasonable prices, too. If you’re conscious about your carbon footprint but still need to get around town, they’re your best bet. Learn more here: and download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

And if you have anyone you want us to meet in DC, just let us know!

Happy Holidays from ANPR!

Posted by alissa on December 21st, 2012

Dear clients, fans, and friends:

This Holiday weekend, forget the egg nog and fruitcake and opt for something more basic, yet equally as indulgent. Kick back with your favorites and enjoy!

Best wishes from Alissa, Jocelyn, Mallory, and Stephanie

To see more drawings from “Will Draw For Food,” check out the entire gallery here:

ANPR turns 9!

Posted by alissa on June 26th, 2012

[ANPR celebrates to ‘the nines’]


That was quick. It’s hard for me to believe that ANPR is celebrating its 9th anniversary this month. For one, it’s the longest I’ve been at any one job. This month also marks the 9 years (minus 1 week) that I’ve had the good fortune to work with my amazing colleague Jocelyn Nubel. A rising senior at NYU when she interviewed to be the first intern-ever at ANPR, Jocelyn immediately blew me away and continues to shine. Note to Lauren: once you drink the ANPR Kool-Aid, you never leave! Thanks to both Jocelyn and Lauren, (and a special shout out to Mallory who has been working for us from her new home in Minneapolis), for keeping things fun, entertaining, and always putting me in my place!

Our clients also continue to wow me, nine years and counting, and I’m not only grateful to be working with so many amazing brands but even more so to have become colleagues and friends with the masterminds and editorial voices at these outstanding media entities. Thanks so much for your ongoing support.

We’re waiting for year 10 for the big celebration, but in the meantime, be on the lookout for news about our latest new client – an extremely useful and innovative app that we’re certain is going to catch on. We have big plans for the coming year, among them an ANPR podcast: “What the flack!” featuring journalists and news-makers alike. More about that soon.

Hello! And Welcome to “What the Flack!”

Posted by alissa on June 16th, 2011

Oops – I mean, “You Don’t Know Flack.”  I have a long history of despising the term “flack,” dating back to when I was just starting out in PR as the PR manager for The Village Voice.  Every now and again, I’d hear the term flack and it always put a pit in my stomach.   Note to selfI think they’re referring to people who do what I do, and knocking them. Great! And, then at The Industry Standard, where I was the PR director, the reporters tossed the word flack around like it was a four letter word, all the while with me in their presence.  I’d call up a colleague about a story he was working on that I wanted to publicize and would be greeted by the following message:  “Hi. This is reporter X and if you’re a flack, no need to leave a message.  You can hang up now!”.

“Um, hi,” I’d respond. “This is Alissa; I’m YOUR flack, and if you want me to publicize your story, call me back!”  There was another time, when in the midst of a heated work crisis, a fellow colleague who was then a reporter said in response to the editor-in-chief’s question about socializing with some account execs from a PR agency, “I would never have a drink with those flacks.”  Today, said reporter is a flack (and we’ve gone out socially many times!).

So, we’re calling our blog “You Don’t Know Flack” in an effort to bring some respect back to the profession and demonstrate that communications efforts can be worthy, when done in a meaningful way with thought, integrity, creativity and passion.  In coming posts, you’ll hear from Jocelyn, Lauren and me about what we do for our clients, (especially when it’s really good), and we’ll deconstruct everyday events as they relate to the good, the bad, and the ugly in terms of PR and publicists (not FLACKS, thank you very much!).

Oh, and by the way, please read every word on our brand new, IMHO amazing, website.  We launched this week to celebrate our 8 year anniversary. (We’d have a party but have no money left because we spent it all on the website.)  We promise to get a celebration on the calendar soon and invite all of you wonderful ANPR supporters, but in the meantime, we hope you’ll drink the limeade!