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Slate & STAT celebrate milestones

Posted by stephanie on November 4th, 2016

It’s an autumn of celebrating for ANPR!

In September, Slate celebrated its 20th anniversary—with a toast to the next 20—with a star-studded (literally) party at One World Trade Center.

Here’s who showed up. See the New Yorker for a write-up of what it was like listening to Slate’s four editors-in-chief discuss the past and present of the publication. Plus, Julia Turner on looking forward to the future of Slate, and NiemanLab on Slate’s refusal to chase digital media trends over the decades.


Meanwhile, STAT is celebrating its first birthday today, having officially reported from the frontiers of health and medicine for a year.


Here are just some of the things we learned from STAT this year:

–The longer your yawn, the bigger your brain.

–It’s possible to get your ENTIRE genome sequenced. It just takes a while. And a lot of money.
–EpiPen maker Mylan did more than make life-saving medicine inaccessible to millions of Americans; it violated antitrust laws, too.
–“Detox water,” the toast of the Kardashians, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
–Pressuring doctors to prescribe addictive pain drug OxyContin through bribes of sweet treats? Sadly, it’s been done.

 Keep up by signing up for some of STAT’s daily newsletters. (Our favorite is Morning Rounds, FYI)


We’re hiring a PR Coordinator

Posted by alissa on May 27th, 2016

Congratulations to everyone graduating this month! We’re hiring a PR coordinator. Is this the job for you? Our office is (almost) as fun as these kitty cubicles.

Feel free to share far and wide, and enjoy this lovely Memorial Day weekend!

PR Coordinator

Alissa Neil PR, a boutique firm specializing in public relations for media organizations and digital startups, is looking for a PR Coordinator to work on the firm’s numerous high-profile accounts. The position will be full-time and paid hourly ($20/hr), with the possibility of turning into a salaried position. This position will be conducted remotely much of the time, but ideally, applicant will be located in or near Washington, DC or New York City, to join various ANPR staffers in the office on occasion.

The PR Coordinator will be responsible for supporting the team on day-to-day operations for numerous clients and must be capable of handling multiple projects at once, with high attention to detail. Candidate must be an excellent writer and possess a strong understanding of—and passion for—today’s media landscape. Ideal applicant will have a background or strong interest in journalism, PR, marketing, and podcasts, and is someone who works well independently. This role also involves research, scheduling, managing interns, and general administrative tasks that will provide support to the rest of the staff.


-Maintain and update numerous press lists, and manage interns on press list maintenance

-Research media outlets, reporters, producers, etc. on a constant basis

-Write and send concise, targeted pitches to news outlets with the aim of securing press coverage for clients on the web, in print, and on TV, radio, and podcasts

-Write press materials including releases, pitches, biographies, one-sheets, and more

-Monitor media coverage and compile thorough reports of media hits to deliver to clients

-Manage billing and accounts receivable, create client invoices, etc.

-Manage the ANPR Twitter and Facebook accounts, and contribute content for clients’ social media accounts when applicable

-Oversee and develop social media opportunities for ANPR and for clients

-Seek out award opportunities for clients and clients’ content, keep track of all applicable awards, and draft award applications

-Schedule meetings and assist with meeting prep; write and circulate meeting agendas

-Provide general administrative support on various activities and projects


-Bachelor’s degree in English, communications, PR, journalism, or related field required

-Internship or previous work in PR, media, or publishing a plus

-Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and Google Docs essential

-Fluency in Twitter essential

-Knowledge of Quickbooks, CisionPoint, and Photoshop a plus


-Excellent writing skills and a strong grasp on grammar, style, and usage

-Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail

-Strong communication and interpersonal skills across all mediums (in person, by phone, email, Twitter, etc.)

-Ability to multitask, work well under pressure, and meet tight deadlines

-Energetic, creative, and enthusiastic self-starter

About ANPR

ANPR is a boutique PR firm with offices in NY, DC and Palo Alto. We like to think of ourselves as working at the center of the zeitgeist, whether on interesting tech startups or news stories of the moment. Our environment moves at a quick pace and requires curiosity, creativity and someone who can shift gears at a moment’s notice. We take our clients seriously, but we also like to keep things light, fun and positive. We nurture and support our colleagues and seek mature and kind individuals to join our unique team.

Please send a resume to


So, it was our 12-year anniversary in June…

Posted by alissa on October 14th, 2015

We’ve been in business for a dozen years!* (And in case you couldn’t tell, we’re celebrating with donuts. Real, edible ones, and also ones of the .gif variety — check out our new homepage slider. Plus, who knew Doughnut Plant‘s ‘wild blueberry’ would be modeled after ANPR’s logo?)


*We didn’t turn twelve today, technically, we turned twelve-and-a-quarter. But we’ve been working on so many exciting and worthwhile projects for our clients, this PR firm just hasn’t had the time to do its own PR.

Here’s just some of the excitement we’ve been engulfed in:

First, our earbuds are afire:  Getting In, an ambitious Panoply podcast that follows NYC-area high school seniors through the entire college admissions process, in real-time, is just getting heated up. Check out all recent episodes here, and if you’re a parent or student, submit an audio message and your question might be answered on a future show. We’re also totally hooked on Panoply’s The Message, a fictional podcast with a sci-fi bent that hearkens back to the early days of radio theater. These are just two of Panoply’s stable of over 60 stellar podcasts we’ve been busy promoting, with more (binge-worthy!) shows to debut soon. Check back on Thursday, October 22 for a very exciting new podcast.

In other news, Harvard Business Review just came out with its 2015 list of Best-Performing CEOs in the World, (move on down, Jeff Bezos).

We’re promoting a best-selling author whose compelling biography of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O’Connor, Sisters in Law, lends a lot of context to the new Supreme Court season, and speaks volumes on both women’s legacies.

Did we mention we’re also working with a new way to turn your #1 driving distractor into a driving safety tool? Driversiti uses your smartphone’s sensor data to understand driving behavior and provide real-time feedback, helping you drive more safely and efficiently. With the connected car on everyone’s brain, we couldn’t be happier to be involved with such innovative technology.

Oh, and let’s not forget the stunning research by Miner & Co. Studio showing that watching TV is being used as punishment for today’s tablet-toting tots. (Yes, watching TV = punishment in today’s tech-centric world!) Check out the full study here.

Meanwhile, we’re still keeping our core strong with Fuse Pilates.

As you can see, we’re having a busy autumn. So while we do apologize for not celebrating our 12th birthday sooner, all we can say is that we have other priorities! Now we understand why organizations hire agencies.

Women on Top

Posted by Stephanie on March 31st, 2015
At ANPR, we love when our clients win awards that recognize them for their great work. Today, we found out that both Julia Turner, Editor-in-Chief of Slate and Maria Streshinsky, Editor-in-Chief of Pacific Standard, have been named among Folio’s Top Women in Media in the Industry Leadership category. This would be news enough, but someone else is a winner as well: our very own Alissa Neil in the Entrepreneur category! It’s an all-around great day for ANPR, if we may say so ourselves.We’re exceptionally proud of Alissa’s hard work and delighted to have such an inspiring boss. Congrats, Alissa!


ANPR lands another client in Beantown

Posted by alissa on December 11th, 2014

Boston is becoming ANPR’s second home (besides DC and NYC!) and we agree, it’s an innovation hotbed.

WBUR in color_smaller_2

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now working with WBUR, Boston’s NPR station and the creators of Car Talk, Here and Now, On Point and Only a Game. Between radio, podcasting and multimedia, the dynamic station has lots of interesting things happening. We’ll be telling you all about them soon, so tune in!

Alissa Did Not Approve This Message

Posted by jocelyn on October 16th, 2014


It’s National Boss’s Day, and we employees at Alissa Neil PR wanted to give props to the most boss of all bosses, Alissa Neil herself. Here are just some of the reasons we absolutely love working for this pint-sized PR powerhouse:

Work is legitimately fun, when working with Alissa Neil. (The woman can make a conference call a good time. We repeat: SHE CAN MAKE A CONFERENCE CALL A GOOD TIME.)
–Her thoughtfulness is on a whole other level. Having a boss who truly cares about you is unexpected, and totally amazing. From throwing us sweet surprise parties to giving us extra days off when we’re going through something stressful, she’s truly a deeply kind and giving person who shows time and again that she wants the best for her employees.
–Her unstoppable energy and zany spirit can’t be matched. You know how normally, employees kind of like it when the boss goes out of town? It’s the opposite at ANPR. She changes the whole energy of the workplace, and excites everyone around her. She brings the good vibes, wherever she goes.
–She’s FOR her team. Sometimes in the workplace, competition occurs. But this would never happen on Alissa’s watch. We know she has our backs, always. She is absolutely for her team, and she goes into what we call “mama-lion mode” to protect her employees when need be.
–She’s incredibly good at her job. When Alissa’s in charge, you can take a deep breath. Plus, she’s excellent at diffusing stress, and reminding us of what’s important, when the small things seem insurmountable.

There are many, many more reasons we could list, but we have to get back to work! Alissa, we adore you, and adore working for you. Thanks for being the best-ever boss.