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Why We Do It


A Strong News Sensibility

At the core of any PR plan is a comprehensive media relations program. We are a firm that prides itself on our relationships with reporters and we always strive to communicate our strong news sensibility. We make a concerted effort to ensure that our communication style with reporters, bloggers, and producers is reflective of how they think, what is of interest to them, and how they like to communicate.

We Don’t Have to Play by the Rules

But good sensibility doesn’t mean we play by the rules. For instance, at ANPR, we seldom ever employ press releases. We’re simply not convinced they’re of all that much value in the new media climate. Sure, we’re happy to put together a thoughtful and newsworthy press release when relevant and important to a partner, sponsor, advertiser, or executive. But, we do not believe in the “press release” as a means of authentic communication, nor do we rely on press releases to achieve results for us. Press releases are almost always a formality, and not the means by which we measure our productivity or effectiveness.

We believe good results are the consequences of good contacts, the right angle, smart strategy, and talented people.