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What We Do

We build, grow and keep the buzz going for your brand!

From conceiving and implementing launch PR strategies (as we did for GOOD magazine and CHOW), to planning and executing event PR (as we have done multiple times for The Week’s Opinion Awards and Slate’s Hive), we are truly a full-service PR firm. Whether it’s via social media, television, radio, print, the web , or live and in-person, we build, grow, and keep the buzz going for your brand.


Launch Strategy

The first impressions we create for your product/brand are beyond lasting: they’re big, bold, and memorable. It’s the perfect way to start your ongoing presence in the media.

Magazine Publicity

Print or digital, we translate your great content into TV segments, radio interviews, print mentions, and major blogger buzz.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

Press releases are played out. Only the best PR professionals know how to prepare and distribute them effectively. And we’re those PR pros. Our selectivity in employing the press release means we’ve recaptured the method as a bona fide PR specialty. Our press releases get read, and they get reported on.

Awards Publicity

What’s more satisfying: Getting the award, or everyone knowing you got the award? At ANPR, we let you have your delicious trophy-shaped cake, and we let you eat it, too. We maximize the buzz of any and all awards you win, so you’re seen -- by your competition, peers, and possible advertisers -- as a leader in the industry.

Social Media Strategy, including Facebook and Twitter

Social media is one of the fastest ways a story gets around and a name gets known. We have the strategies that harness the power of social media and get people tweeting, linking, and posting about your brand/product.

Crisis Management

We’d talk about the crises we’ve managed, but you’ve probably never heard of them anyway. And isn’t that the point? We know how to control the damage and put out the fires.

Panels and Speaking Engagements

You’re a leader in your industry, and we want to let others know it. Your brand is successful because of your brainpower and creativity. Let us place you on the right panels, and put you in the right places so you can become a foremost thought leader in your areas of expertise.

PR Strategy

And not just any strategy. ANPR works hard to identify the smartest strategy for optimum publicity around your brand.

Event Development, Planning & Support

Sure, we’ll happily plan a stellar, on-brand event for your company. In addition, we’ll build some major pre-event chatter and excitement, ensure the right media attend, land great interviews, and get you the clips to make sponsors feel their investment was worthwhile.

Messaging and Story Development

Whether it’s content, a brand, or a product, we can build the identity and story around it. We introduce it and pitch it to the media in a way that gets talked about, written about, and sought after.

Book Publicity

Getting published is quite an achievement. Having your book written and talked about in the press so the public views it as a “must-read” is even better.

PR Counseling and Planning

Not ready to jump into the spotlight just yet? At ANPR, we provide critical thought, insight, guidance, and brainstorming on the PR elements of your products, signature events, and overall brand.

Production of Press Kits and Other Collateral

Digital invite? Fact sheet? Bios? Press kit? We help you assess what kinds of materials will work best and how to create them so that your voice is still heard and the message gets read.

Full Service Copywriting

ANPR has a highly experienced and super-smart copywriter on call at all times should your firm need client, marketing, or other kind of written collateral. His specialties include web copy, direct mail, targeted email, brochure, and radio/print advertising.

How We Do It

Small firm, big ideas, massive impact, real results.

Customized Campaigns

No pre-packaged meals here. Everything we do is made from scratch with the freshest ingredients and ideas. Your brand, your personality, your services, your products are unique. So, too, should be the PR effort around them. That’s where we come in.

The Perfect Plan

Rest assured, before we begin you will have a thorough idea of the work we’ll be doing. We will develop a targeted and custom media relations program. This makes the PR effort highly efficient, highly effective, and it keeps you highly informed.

Speaking Directly

As a boutique PR firm, ANPR is able to be involved in a more direct way with both its clients and its contacts. Because we’re a firm of few, people know us; and they know us well. We have real relationships with reporters, reviewers, bloggers, editors, bookers, and more. Our contacts occupy all points of the media spectrum—from web to paper, local to network, AM to FM.

Why We Do It

Do it the right way, not the old way.

A Strong News Sensibility

At the core of any PR plan is a comprehensive media relations program. We are a firm that prides itself on our relationships with reporters and we always strive to communicate our strong news sensibility. We make a concerted effort to ensure that our communication style with reporters, bloggers, and producers is reflective of how they think, what is of interest to them, and how they like to communicate.

We Don't Have to Play by the Rules

But good sensibility doesn’t mean we play by the rules. For instance, at ANPR, we seldom ever employ press releases. We’re simply not convinced they’re of all that much value in the new media climate. Sure, we’re happy to put together a thoughtful and newsworthy press release when relevant and important to a partner, sponsor, advertiser, or executive. But, we do not believe in the “press release” as a means of authentic communication, nor do we rely on press releases to achieve results for us. Press releases are almost always a formality, and not the means by which we measure our productivity or effectiveness.

We believe good results are the consequences of good contacts, the right angle, smart strategy, and talented people.